There are few times in our lives that provide the opportunity to be surrounded by those who mean the most to us…. Your wedding is one of them. Choose DMT Audio,an entertainment company that recognizes this special day for what it is - a celebration of your life!

Master of Ceremony.
If you wish, DJ LX will inform you, guide and direct the event, keeping you and your guests involved throughout the event...

Personally consults with you to plan your unique wedding celebration.
He will listen to you, share ideas, and help you create a reception that reflects on your own personal style.

For your entertainment,
DJ LX provides many music styles for all ages and music preferences.
From soft background dinner music to all types of dance music and will always take requests.

Lighting effects.
Intelligent light shows for your dance floor are provitet

DMT Audio sound system.
Is equipped with the latest mixing technology, laptop and professional Hi -End audio.

Easy paperwork.
Is provided to allow you to plan your event.